SwitchPitch powers business development deals between established companies and startups / growing companies through:

  • SwitchPitch role-reversal Events
  • SwitchPitch Connect bidding platform
  • SwitchPitch SpeedMeetings

Upcoming Events

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Home – Content

  • Role-reversal events where large companies pitch funded innovation products to qualified startups.
  • Digital platform for startups to bid on and secure business development deals.
  • Speed-dating for biz dev. Ten-minute one-to-one fast chats between startups and large companies.
Active Projects
  • International Format Development Tool

    Address challenges presented with international formats – Finding talent without man on the ground – Assess success potential of format…

  • Mobile Coupons

    Help us use an “Apple Pay” for a more seamless mobile couponing experience in a new, exciting way. (from issuance to redemption)

  • The Next Big Thing in Mobile

    Projects Services using one or more sensors Innovative use of S-Pen What’s next for digital imaging.

  • Data Harmonization

    The Data Harmonization platform will help to unify Zeta’s ability to manage and conform disparate data sources and data services from across our organization.