Learn about the features that make SwitchPitch great


The SwitchPitch homepage acts as your dashboard, allowing you to keep tabs on your team's activity on the platform.

From tasks to interactions with startups and user activity - SwitchPitch’s dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat.

Startup Search

SwitchPitch has over 450,000 startups. We crawl startups’ websites and analyze the text with AI / ML to identify specific keywords, technologies, use-cases and more to maximize search results.

To find startups that align with your company needs, utilize powerful tools such as negative keywords, funding rounds, categories, location and more.


SwithPitch automatically gathers funding data, news, categories and more for each startup.
Your team can add tasks, notes, and custom details you’ll need to evaluate whether the startup matches your company’s needs.


Once you've identified startups that meet your requirements, trackers facilitate performing diligence and advancing startups through your custom diligence process. Get reviews and feedback from colleagues, and narrow your selection to startups you want to move forward with.


Partner with accelerators, VCs, universities and others that will share their portfolios and align their startups to your needs.

  • Custom CRM

    Use SwitchPitch's default fields and add custom fields to provide data for your specific needs when evaluating a startup.

  • Tasks

    Make sure nothing falls through the cracks by assigning tasks to your team. Tasks can be related to startups or trackers and can be reviewed there or on the homepage.

  • Feed

    Keep up with your team's work on SwitchPitch by visiting the Feed tab. All of files, notes, interactions, tasks and tracker changes are easily viewable and sortable by date and activity type.

  • Team

    Add your team to the platform and manage their permissions. You can even create group subsets with their own unique set of permissions, or assign users as administrators.

  • Auto-Scouting

    Automate your scouting process by saving your searches and enabling auto-scouting. New startups that match your criteria will automatically be added to your tracker.

  • Startup Details

    View information gathered from Crunchbase and scraped from startups' websites, providing you with crucial details like funding, employees, categories and more.

  • News

    Read up on all the press a startup has received in our automatically aggregated News tab on the startup profile.

  • Contacts

    Reach the most important people in an organization with our contact information for startup founders and employees.

  • Custom integrations

    Integrate SwitchPitch with SalesForce, Outlook or other systems-of-record. Hybrid integrations also available – with shared startup details on SwitchPitch's AWS cloud and client-specific data stored on client's network.

  • BI Reporting

    Create custom reports to visually showcase your startup engagement progress. Capture KPIs, funnel progress, team activity and much more! Automatically send reports to stakeholders on a regular basis.