How a Startup Ecosystem Works

The Power of the Open Innovation Trinity: Getting Enterprises, Ecosystems, and Startups Working Together  The “startup ecosystem” is an intricate concept. In a larger sense, it comprises big companies, founders, startups, venture capitalists, and other organizations that encompass what startups… Continue reading

How Corporates Pitch to Startups

Every corporation has a version of 6 or 12 month planning outlining goals to be accomplished and an associated budget. The goals often require contracting with outside partners, including startups especially for innovative corporations that want to maintain or build… Continue reading

SaaS Pricing: Unlimited vs Per User

Cloud computing created many disruptions. With accessible data, new services and new types of connected devices emerged. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business models grew out of cloud computing’s rise – leveraging on-demand software, scalable to accommodate many concurrent users. SaaS pricing models… Continue reading

CRM vs. SRM: Innovators Buying Guide

Relationship management tools are moving towards specialization – beyond customer relationships to a variety of specialized relationships. Procurement, HR, Innovation, Compliance and more have their own systems of record. While customer relationship management platforms (CRM) provide a general tool for contact centralization,… Continue reading

Case Study: BAE Partners with J&F Alliance

Challenge:  J&F Alliance Group is an emerging tech upstart company, developing Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) ModSim software applications, as well as providing IT and logistic support services, for both military services and commercial clients.… Continue reading

7 Ways to Track Startup Engagement

Enterprises are engaging with startups in unprecedented ways. Many enterprises have well-established procedures for tracking startup engagement – AT&T, Unilever, Coca Cola all have large-scale startup engagement programs. However, keeping tabs on the ever changing data – both external and… Continue reading

Enterprise Innovation: Measuring Value

Chief Innovation Officers of 2017 are the Chief Marketing Officers of the early 2000s – limited tools, few metrics, no concrete justification of performance. Marketing software’s rise began in the mid 2000s (see infograph below); and similar to marketing, innovation… Continue reading

Components of Corporate Innovation

We’ve covered the innovation landscape in prior posts, but today’s post deals with the innovation components within large companies. Where the process starts and ends, and how it is defined and implemented, are all important pieces in determining innovation program… Continue reading