SwitchPitch is the platform connecting startups, enterprises and ecosystems.

By making companies accessible to each other, we help facilitate connections and deals.


SwitchPitch was born out of necessity. Many startups struggle with forming enterprise partnerships and spend too much time and money chasing corporate deals that don’t materialize.

We started with a hypothesis: would partnerships happen faster if they started with the corporate need, rather than the startup solution? We gathered a team of startup supporters to host an event where large companies pitched innovation needs to an audience of startups – switching the traditional pitching format.

We’ve since expanded into a full-fledged enterprise startup relationship management (SRM) platform.

Today, teams from top Fortune 500 companies use our proprietary startup database to scout startups, pipeline relationships, engage in pilot projects, and get deals done.

Michael Goldstein
Michael Goldstein - Founder & CEO


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