The New Way for Startups to Engage with Large Companies

Connecting with large companies poses a problem for startups and growing businesses for three reasons:

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1. Emails are not routed to the right individuals
2. Companies that need innovative solutions do not have the bandwidth to vet inquiries
3. Startups do not have knowledge of specific project needs

As a result, best-suited startups do not have enough information to craft meaningful proposals and perfect-fit solutions are lost in an abyss of email inboxes.

Traditional pitch competitions rarely lead to actual deals and are not segmented or direct enough to match startup talent with funded projects. During these events, startups feverishly pitch a general overview of their entire product offering because they do not have a clear picture of the project requirements. In the 3-10 minutes allotted to each startup in events such as Hatch Pitch, LAUNCH Festival and FastPitch, startups fail to adequately communicate their value.

Knowledge is power.

What if you could operate from a place of power when proposing your solution to a large company? At SwitchPitch events, large companies describe the precise needs of their funded projects. It is a targeted approach fueled by immediate needs and a willingness to work with early-stage businesses for an infusion of innovative, nimble tactics and startup culture.

Upcoming SwitchPitch Events in Atlanta (October 2015) and New York (November 2015) will provide a forum for large companies to pitch funded projects to startups. Expectations and requirements are clearly defined during five minute presentations. Startups have an opportunity to address those demands in face-to-face, one-on-one meetings with decision-makers at the event.

Can’t make it to an event?

SwitchPitch Connect is a marketplace that allows startups to review the presentations and videos from SwitchPitch Events and respond with targeted solutions. Each submission is reviewed by decision makers and startups are provided with contact information and status updates throughout the process.

Startups get the information they need to approach large companies with customized proposals that address project needs while large companies enjoy a streamlined review process. This innovative approach drives 45 percent of projects to result in deals that, to date, have generated $2 million for startups and growing businesses.

The New Way for Startups to Engage with Large CompaniesConnecting with large companies poses a problem for startups and growing businesses for three reasons:https://switchpitch.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Confused_Felipe.jpg
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