SwitchPitch is Atlanta-Bound in October to Connect Startups and Enterprise Companies

A role-reversal experience where big brands pitch funded innovation programs to qualified startups It is not networking. It is deal-making. Established companies are looking to invest in startups by aligning their technology offerings with internal innovation projects. However, large companies… Continue reading

The New Way for Startups to Engage with Large Companies

Connecting with large companies poses a problem for startups and growing businesses for three reasons: 1. Emails are not routed to the right individuals 2. Companies that need innovative solutions do not have the bandwidth to vet inquiries 3. Startups… Continue reading

5 Ways to Avoid BD Pitfalls between Big Businesses and Startups

As SwitchPitch’s founder, my mission is to help big companies and startups get deals done. Throughout the process, we hear from both sides when they have successes and when they run into stumbling blocks. Often times those stumbling blocks come… Continue reading