Largest Percent of Innovation Growth in
South America

By continent, South America demonstrated the largest growth in their number of innovation titled positions, increasing over 65% from 4,000 positions to 6,600 positions.… Continue reading

The Innovation Landscape

Managing corporate innovation is not an easy task. CEOs of large companies prioritize innovation in annual reports and speeches. It’s at the forefront of company-wide initiatives. Lead in it you must. But historically, large companies have relied on R&D departments… Continue reading

3 Essential Elements of Identifying Best Fit Startups

Partnering with a startup company infuses some of that early-stage mojo into your own business. The excitement and tenacity that embodies a startup has a way of rubbing-off on the larger companies that are fortunate enough to find the right… Continue reading

3 Ways Startups Force Big Companies to be More Innovative

The behemoth size and ingrained processes of many big companies make it difficult to quickly respond to today’s fast paced business environment. A high-level perspective governs decision-making which is based on legacy products and past experiences. By comparison, startups are… Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons Big Companies Need Startups

Nothing frustrates me more than complacency. When I hear large companies in legacy industries happy with their pace of change and innovation, I’m tempted to short their stock. Market share doesn’t take long to erode, especially when technology costs have… Continue reading