5 Big Company Objections to Working with Startups

In my last post I outlined three important reasons big companies should partner with startups. I’ll now delve deeper into the common objections I typically hear from large companies regarding these partnership. In addition to listing these objections I will respond to each. The objections I hear… Continue reading

Top 3 Reasons Big Companies Need Startups

Nothing frustrates me more than complacency. When I hear large companies in legacy industries happy with their pace of change and innovation, I’m tempted to short their stock. Market share doesn’t take long to erode, especially when technology costs have… Continue reading

5 Ways to Avoid BD Pitfalls between Big Businesses and Startups

As SwitchPitch’s founder, my mission is to help big companies and startups get deals done. Throughout the process, we hear from both sides when they have successes and when they run into stumbling blocks. Often times those stumbling blocks come… Continue reading