SwitchPitch Featured on Atlanta’s Dana Barrett Show

This week, SwitchPitch was featured on Dana Barrett’s radio show on Atlanta’s biz1190. Atlanta has so many exciting things going on and we are thrilled to be thrown in the mix with such a spirited and forward-thinking startup scene.

Part One Overview: 

In the first segment you hear from one of our presenting companies– American Cancer Society, who discusses why it’s so beneficial for a nonprofit to have access to startup innovation. They want to make sure that donor dollars are going in the right place, and partnering with startups is a great way to focus on developing innovative solutions to their needs at a fast pace.

Dana goes on to talk about how the disconnect between enterprise and startups is similar to the disconnect between investors and startups. Startups need investors and/or a great client to take it to the next level. Yet what we hear about most are programs like Shark Tank, which focus on connecting startups to investors. This formula is extremely popular, but is it successful? SwitchPitch offers an alternative by focusing on connecting startups to enterprise.

If you look at the fact that Atlanta has 18 Fortune 500 companies, you can see what a tremendous opportunity it is for startups located there to partner with corporations. How can this information be used to leverage Atlanta’s startup community? With events like SwitchPitch.

The truth is, startups fail because of sales. But if they can find a good product fit with a corporation, they have a built-in sales model. Basically the corporation says to the startup, if you make this, I’ll buy it.

Part Two Overview: 

In part two of our takeover of Dana Barrett’s show, Dana opens a discussion on what kind of startups attend events like SwitchPitch. Are they startups with products they hope will match a big company’s needs? Are they startups that are willing to pivot with their product to secure a partnership? Are they startups who have no product at all but a nimble team ready to build whatever solution is needed? The answer is, all of the above.

Also discussed is the benefit of the speed meeting portion of the SwitchPitch event. Startups get to sit down face to face with companies like Cox and Turner Broadcasting Systems and listen to what their real needs are. These are people that are nearly impossible to access without a close connection, much less gain the audience of.

Aside from the insight these meetings can provide, the connection is incredibly valuable. Connections often lead to more connections, the extent of which is impossible to know. These burgeoning connections also enrich the Atlanta startup and veteran business community, giving both sectors access to opportunities they might not have otherwise.

Dana does not believe in luck. She stresses that in all situations, it is imperative to show up, introduce yourself to someone and make your own luck. SwitchPitch definitely provides an excellent venue for making your own luck!

With Atlanta being one of two cities in our country where a Microsoft Innovation Center is located, the secret is out that the city is bursting with talent, energy and potential. SwitchPitch is truly grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the future of Atlanta’s startup scene.

Our 2015 Atlanta event is happening tomorrow, October 15th at the extremely cool Flatiron City. Registration is still open. Secure your spot now and see where SwitchPitch can take your startup!

SwitchPitch Featured on Atlanta’s Dana Barrett ShowThis week, SwitchPitch was featured on Dana Barrett’s radio show on Atlanta’s biz1190. Atlanta hashttps://switchpitch.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Screen-Shot-2015-10-14-at-2.35.38-PM.png
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