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SwitchPitch Aerospace & Defense Will Revolutionize Enterprise Innovation

Unique Opportunity for Established Aerospace & Defense Companies to Search and Source Startup Solutions to Meet Capability Needs

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 15, 2016) – Glacier Point will bring SwitchPitch, an engagement platform connecting startups with established companies, to the aerospace & defense industry during an event in Arlington, Va., on Sept. 27, 2016. SwitchPitch Aerospace & Defense is a role reversal event where established A&D companies pitch funded innovation projects to qualified startups looking for strong partners.

SwitchPitch aims to close the gap between big companies and startups by connecting the right people and the right projects while tearing down the barriers that keep established companies from creating innovation: lack of resources, understaffing and speed to market. With successful iterations previously held in cities around the globe, over 40 percent of projects presented at SwitchPitch events result in signed deals.

“Government customers are demanding more innovation from established aerospace and defense companies. At Glacier Point we are working work the A&D sector to develop business models for greater collaboration with non-traditional sources of technology. Commercial startups are a great example of that and will help drive a needed expansion of the national security ecosystem,” said Jeff Ryder, Founder and CEO, Glacier Point.

“Private investors, emerging workforce models and low-cost technology are enabling breakthrough innovations via commercial startups. With SwitchPitch we aim to provide a unique and mutually beneficial opportunity to bring these two sides together,” added Michael Goldstein, president, SwitchPitch.”

Established A&D players will have access to a pool of cutting-edge talent that is nimble, fast and creative to source relevant, cutting-edge technologies, capabilities and methods. By learning from entrepreneurial business and workforce models, large companies can expose employees to new and dynamic ways of thinking and move quickly on market opportunities.

“The spirit of innovation resides in Elbit Systems of America,” commented Bob Edmonds, Vice President of Marketing at Elbit Systems of America. “We are continuously looking for advanced technologies that drive our goal of improving our customer’s mission effectiveness.
In a SwitchPitch event A&D companies develop innovation projects with support from Glacier Point, then “pitch” them before a crowd of high-quality startups. Startups create SwitchPitch profiles and submit proposed solutions, then facilitate project reviews through Glacier Point.
SwitchPitch Aerospace & Defense will be attended by: established A&D companies; innovative startups with working solutions; investment, consulting and legal ecosystem supporters; as well as government customers. In addition to project presentations and speed meetings, the event will include an opening keynote, panel discussion and networking opportunities.

About SwitchPitch

SwitchPitch closes the gap between big companies and startups. Our startup engagement platform cuts through all of the time and energy by connecting the right people and the right projects out of the gate. It tears down the barriers that keep established companies from creating innovation: lack of resources, understaffing, and speed to market. The SwitchPitch platform helps manage startup community and internal innovation initiatives from one easy interface. For more information, visit www.switchpitch.com.

About Glacier Point

Glacier Point provides augmented intelligence and innovation solutions to government ecosystem clients. Our mission is to foster a government ecosystem that rapidly deploys capabilities to save lives and advance the national interest. For more information, visit www.glacierpt.com.


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