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From ecosystem tracking to Proof-of-Concept,
SwitchPitch’s database and marketplace get you from data to deals quickly and efficiently.

Fortune 500 customers use SwitchPitch SRM to power their innovation programs

“Whether it’s a temporary pitch, or for a long-term solution, SwitchPitch Connect offers a unique opportunity to build a network, solve problems and foster innovation.”
Bryson Koehler,
Chief Information and Technology Officer
The Weather Company

How Corporate Innovation Teams Use SwitchPitch SRM


Startup database comes pretagged with over 200 specific industry tags.

Search startups by eight different criteria including:

  • Stage
  • Industry
  • Geography
  • Business model
  • Growth score and
  • Tags

Custom tagging enables teams to designate startups for specific needs, projects or divisions – viewable by all internal

Centralize Startup

Enterprises’ startup relationships come from many sources:

  • Conferences
  • Tradeshows
  • Cold inbound emails
  • Vendor lists
  • Referrals
  • Business development relationships

Invite all relevant startups to create standardized profiles with their work history, review, 3rd party data and much more.

All of these startups become part of your trackable and shareable startup ecosystem.


Enterprise needs meeting the following criteria are posted to the marketplace:

  • Immediate need to be filled
  • Budget behind it
  • Willingness to work with startup
  • Lack of internal resources to handle

Relevant startups from within your network – as well as from our database of 36k startups – are notified of project postings.

Projects with sensitive content may be listed as anonymous or private. Startups evaluate the project, answer specific questions you create, and apply.


Detailed startup profiles help de-risk enterprise / startup engagement.

Startups provide details, which we enhance with third-party data.

Profiles include:

  • Business development history
  • Growth score
  • Rating / reviews from clients
  • Funding information
  • Founder’s contact information
  • Specific industry tags
  • Recent news mentions


Get all internal conversations on the same page with:

  • Notes and email conversations captured on startup profiles
  • Custom watchlists with alerts when data changes
  • Deal logging for completed relationships
  • Lack of internal resources to handle

Additional Details

Enhance Profiles with Custom Data Fields

Custom data captures information relevant to how startups fit into your business. Data fields are defined by your organization and may include:

  • Business Benefit
  • Customer Benefit
  • Partnership level
  • Unique Selling Proposition

Fields may be populated by your organization – or by startups – depending on the nature of information desired.

If startups populate the information, they receive ongoing messages instructing them to update their profiles.

Track Proof-of-Concepts

Create Collaborative Workspaces

Once a partnership is agreed to, create a deal to move the partnership along.

  • Business Benefit
  • Customer Benefit
  • Partnership level
  • Unique Selling Proposition

Invite relevant business units to join the deal and contribute information. Once the proof-of-concept is complete, use the deals reporting to track ongoing partnership success!

Integrate Enterprise Tools Securely

Seamlessly integrates with your data

Easily Connect with CRM and more
Customize data mapping, rules and syncing, all with easy, self-service setup.

No more duplication of data – all of your enterprise information and communication needs integrate within SwitchPitch.

Hybrid OnPrem / Cloud

SwitchPitch’s platform offers the highest level of enterprise security using our AWS-hosted environment. Data inputs may optionally be stored locally using our hybrid model. All enterprise data inputs are stored within your local network.


Prepopulated startup database  
Intuitive Interface
(do you like using your CRM?)
Startup-maintained profiles  
Multiple startup data sources
(Mattermark, DataFox, AngelList, CrunchBase)
Collaboration with startups / Proof-of-Concept tracking  
Integrations with 3rd party data / internal data
Invite startups to ecosystem / ecosystem tracking  
Startup client history  
Growth and mindshare custom scoring  
Watchlists with email alerts  
Post challenges / projects for startups  
Sensitive data stored on client’s network  
Unlimited user pricing  

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