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How To Use Connect

Discover New Startups Faster
with Innovation Tags TM

SwitchPitch’s AI algorithms aggregate and analyze all relevant startup information – for over 100k startups! We tag startups using data from startups’ websites, news articles, startup databases and startups’ own inputs on their SwitchPitch profiles.

Startups’ innovations are tagged based on current and potential uses – rather than standard industry tags used for VC investing.

Can’t find a startup? Upload your own list and we’ll add to your account and include Innovation Tags.

Seamlessly Hand Off Startup Relationships

Invite your team, your division or your entire company – all SwitchPitch SRM accounts come with unlimited access.

Don’t slow innovation down – get all relevant colleagues involved:

  • Innovation team manages Proof-of-Concept
  • Business units test startups’ innovation
  • Management tracks progress

Commercialize new products faster when everyone is involved!

Track Proof-of-Concept Outcomes

Startups & business units use workspaces to test Proof-of-Concepts.

Innovation teams manage the process using workflows to efficiently handle onboarding and testing. Keep the momentum going by enabling both startups and business units to contribute information.

Once PoCs are completed, easily report on PoC outcomes and build business cases to move forward. With faster testing, you’ll create competitive advantages for your company!

Funnel report tracks progress

Showcase Innovation Results
with Management Dashboards

Up-to-the-Minute Snapshot with Dashboard Insights

Generate insightful engagement-tracking reports. Dashboard components include:

  • Ecosystem pipeline
  • Enterprise user / engagement data
  • Top features used
  • Proof-of-Concept results
  • Top startup engagements

Integrate Enterprise Tools Securely

Seamlessly integrates with your data

Easily connect with CRM using customize data mapping.

No more duplication of data – integrate all startup interactions within SwitchPitch.

Hybrid OnPrem / Cloud

SwitchPitch’s SRM platform offers the highest level of enterprise security using our AWS-hosted environment. Data inputs may optionally be stored locally using our hybrid model. All enterprise data inputs are stored within your local network.


Global Startup Database
Intuitive Interface
(do you like using your CRM?)
Startup-maintained profiles
Multiple startup data sources
(Mattermark, DataFox, AngelList, CrunchBase)
Collaboration with startups / Proof-of-Concept tracking
Integrations with 3rd party data / internal data
Custom scouting and tagging
Invite startups to ecosystem / ecosystem tracking
Startup client history
Growth and mindshare custom scoring
Watchlists with email alerts
Post challenges / projects for startups
Sensitive data stored on client’s network
Unlimited user pricing

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