Case Study: BAE Partners with J&F Alliance

Challenge:  J&F Alliance Group is an emerging tech upstart company, developing Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) ModSim software applications, as well as providing IT and logistic support services, for both military services and commercial clients.  As an upstart in a relatively unknown field, AR software development, it is difficult to widely market the company’s services.  While members of the J&F Alliance Group have attended several conferences to demo the company’s AR software technology, finding a receptive customer was difficult due to the broad nature of most conferences.

Solution: Glacier Point and SwitchPitch joined forces to bring decision makers and relevant startups together. The goal of the matchmaking process is to reach a signed deal between large companies seeking technology and business advantages with startups using lean and aggressive business models on cutting edge technology.  Through this matchmaking process, J&F Alliance Group was introduced to BAE Systems, Inc., a multi-billion-dollar aerospace and defense company serving the U.S. Department of Defense.

Result: Working with Glacier Point and SwitchPitch, BAE Systems was introduced to J&F Alliance Group and their AR software applications.  Within a month of meeting, J&F was under contract to BAE to run three separate pilot programs using their technology solutions.  BAE found the J&F solutions applicable, not only to their current programs but to their corporate functions as well.

While J&F heard stories of how large companies often take advantage of startups and their intellectual property, BAE Systems not only signed a contract with J&F but worked extensively with them.  BAE’s contracting department provided contracting and legal support for J&F so that they met all of BAE and DoD requirements.  Even with the contract coming at the end of the fiscal year and the BAE contracting staff swamped with end of year tasks, BAE still took the time to work with J&F, ensuring everything was for them to work together.

The impact of working with BAE has been a game-changer for J&F.  The company grew in terms of employees, from 4 employees to 12 employees, and revenue increased over 40%.  Working with BAE allowed J&F to create jobs and scale their operational and developmental budget appropriately.  JarMarcus said “We hear people all the time talking about the issues that small businesses have when working with large companies, but I can tell you that our experience with BAE Systems has been nothing but Great and a wonderful learning experience for our company”. Working for a large company like BAE, J&F now has increased resources, credibility, and connections for new business development.

Case Study: BAE Partners with J&F AllianceChallenge:  J&F Alliance Group is an emerging tech upstart company, developing Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual
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