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It is no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is an extremely powerful tool with a diverse range of capabilities, applicable to a multitude of industries. Because of this, the demand for AI in the marketplace has grown exponentially in the past year and is projected to continue on this path. Businesswire reports that by 2030, the market size of AI will reach $1847.50 billion USD from a 2022 size of $119.78 billion USD – a whopping 32.9% growth rate. With great power comes great responsibility and AI can be used in both ethical and unethical ways. When used ethically, the positive outcomes are close to endless.   

AI Startups on SwitchPitch

Take K health, a startup on SwitchPitch’s database, for example. K health is a data driven primary care system that uses AI to deliver personalized primary health care. The platform, which has over six million users, creates a predictive model that lets its users learn more about their wellbeing and compare their own health data to people with similar characteristics. The integrated use of AI provides a great deal to members by including a 24 hour symptom checker as well as matching patients with the appropriate clinicians and doctors. K health works with many companies and is backed by Kaiser Permanente and Comcast Ventures amongst a long list of others. 

Let’s look at one more from the many startups on the SwitchPitch database – Zesty.ai. This startup was founded on the hopes of preventing the displacement of families and assisting communities often devastated by natural disasters. Zesty.ai uses AI to understand the impacts of climate risk to each and every building. This helps to improve property resiliency and to develop innovative insurance products which ultimately can protect homes and businesses in various communities. Backed by AAA insurance, amongst others, Zesty.ai is just another example of how AI can be utilized positively. 

How Can Your Company Utilize AI through SwitchPitch?

Both of these startups, as well as many others on SwitchPitch’s database, are open to working and partnering with corporations and bigger businesses that want to resolve pain points or generally benefit from the advanced and specialized use of AI.

Clients of SwitchPitch can use advanced filters to search for AI specific startups in any industry they want. Our analysts are also available to help companies find more information, gather relevant data of their choice, and scout the best startups for just about any job. If that’s not enough, SwitchPitch itself even employs AI to crawl hundreds of thousands of startup sites to provide users with a unique insight into emerging technology and new trends. 

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