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What is a Bid?

What is a Bid?

Bidding Details

All projects feature current business development needs from established companies looking to partners with early stage companies and development shops. Videos, powerpoints and additional details are available on the project pages. If projects are a good fit, apply to them by selecting the Apply Now button. Answer a short series of questions providing the posting company the details they need to evaluate fits with their project. See a sample bid form here.
Strategy for Applying:
The purpose of applying is to the posting company wanting more from you. No need to provide detailed project plans, timelines and cost projections in the bids. Provide information showing your company is best to execute on the given project – you understand the scope and have done similar things.

Some projects are open to a variety of solutions. Include enough creativity to make them ask for more. Give details and examples of similarly creative solutions you’ve provided.

Submissions are reviewed as they are received. Therefore, submit bids as soon as possible – posting companies are looking to sign a deal asap. Bid cut-off dates are the last date companies will review submissions. If a solution is found prior to the cut-off date, the project will become inactive. You will not be able to submit after a project becomes inactive, even if you have a submission in draft form.
Notifications / Direct contact:
As submissions are reviewed, notifications are sent via email. Posting companies may request additional details or reach out directly to schedule a call or meeting. Direct presenter contact information is provided once you apply. Allow sufficient time to review before reaching out – typically 7-10 days.
There are several options for submitting bids:

  • Unlimited submissions for $20/month or $195 annually
  • Free submissions for startups affiliated with our accelerator or venture fund partners