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SwitchPitch NYC 2013 Recap

SwitchPitch NYC 2013 Recap

On the heels of its successful DC event in March, SwitchPitch headed to New York City on October 1st where a crowd of more than 450 people and upwards of 250 startups gathered to turn the tables and get pitched by some of the biggest corporations in NYC.

Companies like HBO, Time Inc., Daily News, Accuweather, Pitney Bowes and more pitched a series of fully funded projects – about $500k worth to be exact – to startups who could deliver on their technology needs.

Following a series of engaging and exciting pitches, the startups and corporations were invited to mix, mingle and connect over their shared needs and capabilities at the Networking Reception.

And since it’s all about making actionable connections, SwitchPitch launched its proposal platform the very next day, allowing startups to submit their ideas and capabilities to the corporations, who can bring on a team to innovate at record pace with the speed and efficiency only a nimble startup can offer. With momentum and excitement across the industry in its favor, SwitchPitch is headed to LA on December 6th.

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