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SwitchPitch London

SwitchPitch FinTech – February 8, 2016
Rise London
SwitchPitch is coming to London.

SwitchPitch is a role-reversal event where established companies pitch funded innovation projects to qualified startups looking for great partners.

This isn’t Networking. This is deal-making.

This event is not about face time or bacon-wrapped apps, it’s about engaged large companies looking for qualified startups to complete pre-funded innovative projects for which large companies lack bandwidth. Be a part of this new wave in targeted business development.

Presented by The City of Atlanta

Come SwitchPitch with companies from Atlanta’s bustling FinTech hub!
Atlanta, Georgia is a city where financial technology companies thrive. The city’s strong IT, cybersecurity, and financial services workforce makes it attractive to established companies in the sector, startups and entrepreneurs alike. Seventy percent of all financial transactions that occur in the United States are processed by Georgia-based FinTech corporations. In metropolitan Atlanta, payment processing companies employ nearly 40,000 workers. With more than 250,000 people working in finance-related jobs and an additional 105,000 people around the world on the payroll of these Georgia companies, Atlanta has earned the nickname “Transaction Alley”. Currently, Atlanta is home to large financial service companies such as InComm, Worldpay US, NCR Equifax, Elavon, InterContinental Exchange, Sage US and Cielo.

Agenda Time
Registration 8:45am
Introduction 9:00am
Presentations 9:15am
SpeedMeetings 10:00am
Event Concludes 11:45am

Presenting Companies
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