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SwitchPitch LA 2014 Recap – Presentation Videos

Los Angeles – May 22, 2014

UCLA | 12:30pm to 5:30pmApply to Projects

SwitchPitch Los Angeles 2014 Recap – Presentation Videos and Slideshows
Disclaimer : Due to an error by UCLA, the audio quality is poor. We are working on fixing the quality.

Transcript for the Boeing presentation.

Playing Around With Aircraft Design: The Boeing Company would like help developing a software tool, a game, a simulation, a tool to help both, capture millions of people, and teach them the basics of airplane design and manufacture.


Transcript for the Experian presentation.

Value proposition: Empower consumers to easily and securely share credit scores and reports with one another on a peer-to-peer basis via mobile.


Peer-to-Peer Communications Prototype: App demonstrating private sort data exchanges over a peer-to-peer network.


An improved and Intuitive UI for Rich Communication Services: A mobile app that provides excellent user experience on all RCS services simultaneously.


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has three projects and poses them to start-ups as three separate problems to solve:

1. How can we better use social media to drive discovery of our movies and content? This would be an app that encourages film collecting, enhances the discovery of titles based on their social media connections, and provides better movie recommendations.

2. How can we make digital ownership of movies and tv a richer experience? Are there ways we can enhance digital viewing experience for movies and tv shows, such as offering more “extras” content and providing interactive experiences?

3. How can studios better identify, understand, and target home entertainment superconsumers? Currently there isn’t direct touch to consumers because Sony reaches consumers through its partners. What is a direct way Sony can get the right offer in front of the right consumer at the right time?


SwitchPitch Challenge: How can WB leverage fan uploaded content across platforms?



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David Lee
Founder and Managing Partner of SV Angel
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