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SwitchPitch DC – Nov 2014 – Past

Washington, DC – EdTech | November 10, 2014
1776 Campus
SwitchPitch is coming back to DC.

SwitchPitch is a role-reversal event where established companies pitch funded innovation projects to qualified startups looking for great partners.

Our DC event will focus on EdTech projects – perfect for startups focused on this industry!

This isn’t Networking. This is deal-making.

This event is not about face time or bacon-wrapped apps, it’s about engaged large companies looking for qualified startups to complete pre-funded innovative projects for which large companies lack bandwidth. Be a part of this new wave in targeted business development.

Agenda Time
Registration Opens 12:30pm
Introductions 1:00pm
Panel Discussion 1:10pm
Presentations 1:30pm
Networking 3:00pm
Speed Meetings 3:00pm
Conclusion 4:30pm

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Presenting Companies

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