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SwitchPitch DC – Mar 2014 Recap – Presentation Videos

SwitchPitch DC 2014 Recap – Presentation Videos and Slideshows

“Riding the Trending Wave: Predicting Content Popularity”

Washington Post is looking for a real-time predictive tool and web dashboard to measure the virality potential of story ideas. The tool will anticipate which topics of their stories will be most popular and convey that information to editors. Needed features include opinion mining/sentiment analysis and analysis of historical and real-time data.

“The Making of a Trivia Machine: Generating
News Trivia through NLP and ML”

Washington Post is focused on trivia games as a reader engagement strategy. The Post is looking to build a large base of questions to provide greater variety for trivia players. The project will develop an API that ingests articles to quickly extract correct answers and generate questions and incorrect answers.


“iOS Device Meter”

comScore is looking to measure Internet app usage from its opt-in consumer panel on an iOS device. The project will enable comScore to provide the best information to its worldwide clients in understanding activities on the iOS ecosystem.


“Georgetown University Skillhack”

Georgetown University is looking for a platform/technology that will enable students to “skilltag” the courses they take to reflect the skills needed. Skilltags will be presented with the course directory. Faculty will tag the learning outcomes they believe their courses produce.


“What’s Your Sign”

Monumental Sports is looking for a tool to enable more control over their video output formats. Monumental has 200+ screens/formats to push out their video content. The process of inputting and outputting video formats is time-consuming and labor intensive. Monumental is looking for a video formatting solution to reduce the formatting/processing time required to push video content to their fans.


“NPR Mobile Innovations: The Future of Radio in a Digital World”

NPR is engaging on a number of different fronts to build the digital radio experience of the future with our member stations. In doing so, many of our efforts are to collect, store, and leverage lots of user information that will make the experience much richer for each individual. In order to do this most effectively, we’re looking for partners to help us track this data and synthesize this large amount of data into real, actionable decisions across our applications, platforms, and offline initiatives. To this end, we need to segment and share information bi-directionally with our member stations and other partners in ways that respect our users privacy, while allowing our partners to also effectively ingest and make decisions on the information.


“PBS “Everywhere” Taking it to the Streets”

PBS seeks to create better audience engagement, leveraging their vast content and technology assets. To engage audiences, they are looking for ideas for surprising and fun experiences that help PBS stations engage audiences. Available assets include brand, short-form videos, images and graphic elements. The solution could come by way of marketing agencies, technology solutions or other “stunts” to engage audiences.


“ICT4PC Knowledge Portal App”

Population Council is looking for a portal app to house their mHealth solutions and experiences – think Google Play, but responsive! The product will be used for internal knowledge sharing in the growing segment of mHealth. The portal app will initially be used by Population Council staff involved in innovative efforts around data collection.


“Leveraging Digital, Social Media and Mobile to Improve the Gameday Experience”

The Washington Redskins are looking to drive more fan engagement on gameday, leveraging photo and video content, stats and gameday data. Full use of Redskins creative assets are available, including all digital/online assets.



Presenting Companies
Panel discussion – Making partnerships work
Greg Alvo
Founder and Chairman of OrderGroove
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Mike Brown
Co-Founder and CTO of comScore
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Ollen Douglass
Chief Financial Officer of The Motley Fool
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Devin Schain
Founder and Chairman of Campus Direct
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Mark Walsh
Founder and Chairman of GeniusRocket
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The Waterfront station, on the Green line, is located one block East of Arena Stage at 4th and M Streets.

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