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The Weather Channel

Aggregation Engine on the Edge

TWC needs to aggregate a lot of disparate localized data from many sources (Public, Private, Local, Tribal, County, State, Federal) as well as data TWC generates. TWC will offer localized (weather) data of multiple data types for several of the consumer favorite locations such as, current conditions, 10-day forecast, weather alerts, and road conditions for 20 favorite cities. The secondary component is the distribution of localized data which aggregates multiple API calls and leverages a cost effective caching strategy for distributed cache.

Alerting—Global Alerts

Alert coverage is based on a series of latitude and longitude coordinates which dynamically creates irregular shaped polygons. Zonal boundaries such as counties are fixed but are also irregular shaped boundaries. TWC delivers alert coverage and must notify each zone that is impacted by the event coverage. The complexity lies in translating the dynamic alert polygon coverage to the natural/national boundary polygons to illustrate the coverage over impacted zones.

User-Generated Content

TWC leverages and plans to increasingly leverage user generated content (UGC) for display across our distribution channels (TV/Media, Mobile, Web). Manually moderating all content which flows through our distribution channels is cumbersome and moderation automation will increase the flexibility to leverage UGC as well as the opportunity to promote and distribute the right quality content for each distribution channel.

Multi-Viewer Panel

Production teams require a multi-view player (MVP) which displays ‘thumbnail’ versions of all programming that are being recorded (26 channels at once). The thumbnails display live and let the user click on it for it to go full screen and display full audio as well.

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