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Assurant V2

Online Collections

Consumer debtors are sometimes stressed and/or embarrassed about their situation and the last thing they want is to deal with a number of phone calls from debt collection call center reps. Assurant is looking to create a “fair deal” for people in the collections process and provide them an online platform to resolve their debt situations. The product would be a digital platform that creates a more consumer-friendly, private collections experience for those with past due debts by allowing them to sign in and settle their debt in full, negotiate a settlement (with back-end data and algorithm), or work out a payment plan.

Social Platform for Insurance

Insurance started as people pooling their money together as a form of life insurance – over time, this has shifted to insurance carriers selling defined policies to individuals and putting them into a carrier-defined risk pool. Assurant is looking to put the power back in the consumer’s hands and harness the power of social and crowdfunding to allow consumers to form their own insurance pools, invite friends/family/colleagues, and contract directly back with the carriers for the things they need to protect in their lives. We want to build a digital platform that where consumers can invite others to participate in a “community pool” and contract for insurance coverages through Assurant or other carriers.

Warranty Platform

Assurant is looking to build a digital platform that acts as a single place to store and track all of a person’s purchases and associated warranties. Consumers can take a picture of their receipt (if purchased in retail store) or forward their purchase confirmation (if purchased online) to the interface and have that information in an organized, safe place. They can then be informed of when their warranty will expire, get any updates from the manufacturer, or choose to purchase additional protection for their products.

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