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My AccuWeather

AccuWeather seeks to hire a design partner with deep UX/Design experience, ideally across all major mobile app platforms (Windows, iOS, Android), to design its My AccuWeather feature. My AccuWeather makes the forecast more contextually relevant and personal to the user. One example would be: if you like to hike in a particular kind of weather, the feature will learn what your preferences are then tell you when the best times to hike will be. The user on-boarding process, feature settings and on-the-fly modifications by the user are critical areas of focus.

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Georgetown University Skillhack

Georgetown University is looking for a platform/technology that will enable students to “skilltag” the courses they take to reflect the skills needed. Skilltags will be presented with the course directory. Faculty will tag the learning outcomes they believe their courses produce.

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Drupal & WordPress CMS Integration: bRealTime, the programmatic solutions division of CPXi, wants a team to develop tools and integration services to allow CMS-enabled publishers to easily integrate with its ad serving technologies.

Web Crawlers: CPXi wants a team to build web crawlers to crawl, collect and analyze web pages and sites in order to allow higher accuracy in performance prediction.

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iOS Device Meter

comScore is looking to measure Internet app usage from its opt-in consumer panel on an iOS device. The project will enable comScore to provide the best information to its worldwide clients in understanding activities on the iOS ecosystem.

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