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iOS Device Meter

comScore is looking to measure Internet app usage from its opt-in consumer panel on an iOS device. The project will enable comScore to provide the best information to its worldwide clients in understanding activities on the iOS ecosystem.

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Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Smart App

The current Celebrity Cruises app requires modernization, an improved UI and expanded feature set. Celebrity Cruises is redesigning their app and is seeking development expertise to bring the new app to market.

Celebrity Social

Celebrity Cruises seeks to better connect guests and their social network by developing new ways for them to share their vacations. They seek inspiring new ideas, leveraging web and mobile technologies that tap into their rapidly evolving social media assets.

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Bacardi is seeking an innovative way to tap into consumer loyalty programs in the on and off-premise.


The creation of a relevant gaming platform that will excite 21 to 24 year-old men.

Home Delivery

Bacardi seeks a way to integrate with home delivery services or re-order subscription technology.

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Assurant V2

Online Collections

Consumer debtors are sometimes stressed and/or embarrassed about their situation and the last thing they want is to deal with a number of phone calls from debt collection call center reps. Assurant is looking to create a “fair deal” for people in the collections process and provide them an online platform to resolve their debt situations. The product would be a digital platform that creates a more consumer-friendly, private collections experience for those with past due debts by allowing them to sign in and settle their debt in full, negotiate a settlement (with back-end data and algorithm), or work out a payment plan.

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