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Daily News

Elevate Community

Establish a participatory community of Daily News readers by incentivizing positive engagement and the contribution of high-quality content.

Intuitive Interactives

Develop flexible tool to easily generate user-friendly, interactive visualizations of large data sets to complement and enhance editorial content.

Predictive Intelligence

Create anticipatory tools that evaluate internal analytics, brand identity, user preferences and online trends to inform editorial decision-making.

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Monumental Sports

“What’s Your Sign”

Monumental Sports is looking for a tool to enable more control over their video output formats. Monumental has 200+ screens/formats to push out their video content. The process of inputting and outputting video formats is time-consuming and labor intensive. Monumental is looking for a video formatting solution to reduce the formatting/processing time required to push video content to their fans.

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Mobifusion is producing an Engineering & Sciences Textbook App platform for a major Education company. The platform will provide the student an affordable fully interactive, session-based learning environment with complete personal and peer progress assessment.

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Content Listening

Meredith Xcelerated Marketing is seeking a simple way to automate the collection, linking and visualization of a brand’s owned (web, mobile) and earned (social) content across the digital landscape. Today we only have parts automated requiring too much manual involvement. Further, we are not displaying the information in a relevant, consistent manner. This content mapping tool would be used to help our clients (Fortune 500 marketers) understand the opportunities and/or gaps across channels, topics, popularity and other attributes. While similar tools exist for social listening and/or sentiment analysis, we are really interested understanding the linkage of content.

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