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The Washington Post

“Riding the Trending Wave: Predicting Content Popularity”

Washington Post is looking for a real-time predictive tool and web dashboard to measure the virality potential of story ideas. The tool will anticipate which topics of their stories will be most popular and convey that information to editors. Needed features include opinion mining/sentiment analysis and analysis of historical and real-time data.

“The Making of a Trivia Machine: Generating News Trivia through NLP and ML”

Washington Post is focused on trivia games as a reader engagement strategy. The Post is looking to build a large base of questions to provide greater variety for trivia players. The project will develop an API that ingests articles to quickly extract correct answers and generate questions and incorrect answers.

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Sports Illustrated

The SI Vault

Sports Illustrated is looking for ways to reinvigorate and extract value from the SI Vault, our archive of 60 years’ worth of magazine covers, stories and photos, plus web and video content that has been posted in SI.com. The right submission will outline a creative and user- friendly Vault interface that makes this content searchable, browsable, curatable and packageable. We’re also looking for out-of-the-box ideas on how our archives can become a more dynamic destination for our very dedicated and loyal audience, all in the name of helping our analog past meet the digital future.

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“Leveraging Digital, Social Media and Mobile to Improve the Gameday Experience”

The Washington Redskins are looking to drive more fan engagement on gameday, leveraging photo and video content, stats and gameday data. Full use of Redskins creative assets are available, including all digital/online assets.

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