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SwitchPitch centralizes all startup engagement activity for established companies
SwitchPitch enables established companies to get their innovation projects achieved. Established companies use the Connect platform to identify high-quality startups perfectly suited to the project needs — startups that tear down the barriers that keep established companies from creating innovation: lack of resources, understaffing, and speed to market — to develop a comprehensive, creative, on-target solution.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Established companies search our 15,000+ startup database to identify potential fits – tagging startups and posting notes along the way
  2. Once startups are located, a project is created that outlines its needs, qualifications, budget, timeline, and vision.
  3. Established companies invite startups to apply. Our platform notifies hundreds of additional startups that a relevant project is available.
  4. High-quality startups that project put together a bid on SwitchPitch’s online submission platform.
  5. Established companies use Connect to reviews submissions, communicate with startups, search for other startups and manage the entire process.

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“What if you had the power to accept or deny a giant company’s business? This isn’t a dream. It’s the premise behind SwitchPitch, a two-year-old event series that asks major companies like IBM and HBO to run their technology needs by fast-growing and able-bodied startups.”
—  Inc. Magazine
“Overall the event was a smash hit, and will be a catalyst for some dynamic relationships and networks to start being built in the D.C. region.”
—  InTheCapital
“At this Sadie Hawkins dance for startups, HBO pitches you.”
—  Upstart Journal
“The evident popularity of the SwitchPitch — which featured truncated spiels from The Motley Fool, LivingSocial, Gannett and others — speaks to… one of the region’s most nagging problems: the gulf between the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.”
—  Washington Business Journal