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How It Works

How It Works

The Process

SwitchPitch: How it Works

SwitchPitch closes the gap between big companies and startups. Our startup engagement platform cuts through all of the time and energy by connecting the right people and the right projects out of the gate. It tears down the barriers that keep established companies from creating innovation: lack of resources, understaffing, and speed to market.

  1. Big companies easily post a project, from nice-to-have ancillary needs to vexing problems with core business lines. They outline their project needs, such as company model, budget, timeline, necessary business inclusions, and solution expectations.
  2. SwitchPitch promotes the projects to our vast network of global startups who are tagged according to industry, so they can see projects specifically relating to their business model.
  3. Startups develop innovative solutions using either their existing technology or custom-build solutions that play on their unique abilities.
  4. Startups post a bid and the big company is notified to visit the platform.
  5. Big companies review the bid, keep the startup informed of the review process, and let the startup know if it is a finalist. The big company then sets up interviews, chooses a startup, and the deal gets done.