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How do I know if there's a project suitable for my startup prior to the event?
Good question. We bring together the decision-makers from presenting companies. These are the contacts interested in working with startups to implement innovative technology.

If there are presenting companies that are a target for your startup, you should attend. We launched SpeedMeetings to give you one-on-one opportunities to meet with decision-makers from large companies. 25% of the deals coming out of our events are not tied directly to projects presented. Therefore, it is worth networking with the company executives if the companies potential customers.

I'm a startup - do I need to prepare for the event?
No – large companies present to you! Your role is to determine if you fit into the solution and submit details to the presenter after the event using our online submission platform – SwitchPitch Connect.
What are SpeedMeetings?
SpeedMeetings give attendees the opportunity to meet one-on-one with presenters, as well as other big companies interested in partnering with startups. By using SpeedMeetings, you’ll quickly be able to navigate who the best contact is for your business and have a champion to help connect you!
Is this event only for 'startups'? How do you define a startup?
While we use the word startup, the event is open to any innovative young company with under 100 people. This includes startups that have developed their own product or technology, development shops, design shops, agencies and any other creative, small companies. The expectation from presenters is that they’ll encounter creative, nimble companies with solutions to their problems. Deals are done with all types of small companies.
What is the online submission platform?
The platform – SwitchPitch Connect – provides startups with a way to get details of their company and solution in front of the presenter. We developed it to get more deals signed – and it’s working!
How do I use the submission platform?
The day after an event, we post all videos and powerpoints from projects on SwitchPitch Connect. To submit, you create a startup profile and select a project. You’ll answer questions related to the project and submit details to the presenting company. Presenting companies review submissions and determine which startups are best suited for their projects. They will reach out directly to you if they’d like to pursue discussions.
How long do startups have to work on their submissions?
The pace at which you complete a submission is up to you. However, presenting companies have access to the platform the day after they present. Our hope is that you complete a thorough and well thought out submission as quickly as possible.
Do startups have to pay to use the online submission platform?
If you attend the event, use of the online submission platform is free. Otherwise, startups pay $95 per project submission. Another option is our annual unlimited submission subscription for $295, available here.
Why should I pay to use the submission platform - SwitchPitch Connect?
The biggest value of paying is that presenters use SwitchPitch Connect to compare solutions. If you reach out directly instead of submitting, your solution will not be in the mix, shared internally and evaluated the same way other submissions are. Direct contact info is provided upon submission completion. While reaching out directly instead of using SwitchPitch Connect may seem like good option to save a nominal fee; it actually hurts your chances of getting a deal signed.


What is the cost of attending an event as a startup?
Startups pay either $95 to attend SwitchPitch events, which included unlimited access to SwitchPitch Connect for the event attended or $195 for attendance, online platform and SpeedMeetings.
Do deals really come out of SwitchPitch?
Yes – we’ve had more than 20 deals signed as of November 2014 from eight events. Deals have generated over $2 million in revenue for startups.
What specific deals have been signed?
You can see a recap of some of the deals here.
Are project details posted prior to events?
No. The short answer is that projects remain fluid up until the event. We rarely know project details prior to a few days before our events. This is because these are immediate needs of presenting companies with a fairly short shelf life.
Why is the price of Supporter tickets so high?
We want startups to comprise the vast majority of our attendees. There are many reasons why other companies would like to attend so we make tickets available for service providers, investors and others in the community. We believe the higher price is commensurate with the value gained from attending.