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SwitchPitch is the ideal platform for startups & small businesses to gain exposure to innovation projects that are funded by established companies and designed specifically for outside startup resources.

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See projects from companies like:
Jared Husch
Director of
Business Development LIVENINJA
SwitchPitch connected us with an amazing project. Our solution was a great fit for a different part of the presenting company. They were open to working with innovative startups in a variety of capacities.
Bernadette Hyland
3 Round Stones, Inc.
I love SwitchPitch, and pitches by a dynamic group of organizations looking for innovative solutions. I’ve been a startup co-founder & CXO for 15 years
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Sean Cease
As a serial entrepreneur this has to be one of the best business development channels you can use. You have some very recognizable named companies “asking for help” to solve problems they have and are willing to pay you for a solution.
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“What if you had the power to accept or deny a giant company’s business? This isn’t a dream. It’s the premise behind SwitchPitch, a two-year-old event series that asks major companies like IBM and HBO to run their technology needs by fast-growing and able-bodied startups.”
—  Inc. Magazine
“Overall the event was a smash hit, and will be a catalyst for some dynamic relationships and networks to start being built in the D.C. region.”
—  InTheCapital
“At this Sadie Hawkins dance for startups, HBO pitches you.”
—  Upstart Journal
“The evident popularity of the SwitchPitch — which featured truncated spiels from The Motley Fool, LivingSocial, Gannett and others — speaks to… one of the region’s most nagging problems: the gulf between the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.”
—  Washington Business Journal