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Case Studies – BAE Systems

Case Studies

BAE Partners With J&F Alliance

The Challenge

BAE is an aerospace and defense contractor that delivers disruptively innovative products and systems to clients that include the United States Department of Defense and other government agencies. Challenged by the former secretary of defense to innovate faster through partnering with startups, a dedicated team evaluates external innovation from multiple sources with the aim of aligning promising startups with BAE’s strategic initiatives.

Bottom line: BAE had innovation needs and were finding it difficult to connect with startups that were appropriate to their niche in aerospace and defense. They were in search of a solution that would not only connect them with the innovation they needed but would also help them to manage their relationships with startups once they had been identified.

The Solution

In order to fulfill their innovation needs, BAE had explored many different methods of researching new startups before settling on SwitchPitch’s Startup Relationship Management platform (SRM). Prior to buying the product and during the decision-making phase, BAE set a goal of establishing one viable startup relationship that would have a direct impact on their annual business. SwitchPitch became the catalyst that led BAE to their high-value partnership with J&F Alliance, proving its worth almost immediately.

BAE had been looking for a solution for six to nine months prior to discovering SwitchPitch. In the beginning, they found it attractive because of its ability to align startup innovation with their internal needs. Since SwitchPitch comes pre-loaded with more than 100K startups, BAEs innovation team was able to accelerate the process and make a viable connection quickly.

An emerging technology startup, J&F Alliance is developing augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) ModSim software solutions for military and commercial applications, an area that meshed perfectly with BAE’s strategic initiatives. Without SwitchPitch, these two companies may never have connected.

The Result

SwitchPitch addressed all of the pain points that BAE was having in identifying relevant startups. Prior to implementing SwitchPitch, BAE was spending a great deal of time analyzing startups that were not aligned with their businesses objectives. When forced to evaluate a group of startups that were not relevant to their needs, it would consume significant time and capital that would generate no discernable value.

Through SwitchPitch’s efforts, BAE was introduced to J&F Alliance whose AR software applications demonstrated great potential for advancing BAE’s short and long-term objectives. In particular, BAE was able to significantly reduce their program training costs through the implementation of J&F’s AR solution. J&F Alliance quickly went on to become central to several initiatives that added great value to BAE’s current programs as well as to their broader corporate functions.

The contract with J&F Alliance was highly beneficial to BAE and went on to prove its value several times over. SwitchPitch proved the perfect platform to enable this match and based on the success of this relationship, BAE is looking forward to connecting with more startups using SwitchPitch’s SRM.

Using the J&F Alliance partnership as a benchmark, BAE now has a quantifiable and tangible outcome that they can attach to their innovation team’s efforts, helping them to justify their budget. Being able to leverage their ideas against SwitchPitch’s SRM is allowing them to expand their strategic initiatives, which will in turn enable the launch of more proofs of concepts.