Startups, Large DC Companies to Team Up Again at SwitchPitch DC

Washington, DC- February 26, 2014 – SwitchPitch, the only place where established companies can pitch their technology needs to vetted startups, announced today that it will be holding its fourth reverse pitch event – the second to take place in the nation’s capital – on March 27, 2014 at The Mead Center for American Theater, home of Arena Stage in Washington DC.  Dubbed the “Sadie Hawkins dance for Startups” SwitchPitch will continue its mission to facilitate growth for the local startup communities by allowing large, established organizations like The Washington Post, NPR and Colliers International pitch their project needs to qualified and vetted startups. The role reversal event, which has reached more than 1,000 attendees across DC, NYC and Miami over the last year, has proven effective in helping startups accelerate customer revenue and providing corporations with the opportunity to get their projects off the ground at entrepreneur speed and efficiency. To date the 56 projects presented have resulted in 12 deals signed, totaling more than $1.2 million in contracts.

While pitching is traditionally reserved for startup companies trying to make a name for themselves among more established organizations, SwitchPitch is flipping the tables to allow some of the biggest and most successful corporations to present their technology and marketing project needs to an audience of early stage companies. Accordingly, these large corporations will be able to complete projects in a more efficient, entrepreneurial time frame and build relationships with future technology leaders. Similarly, startups will have the chance to ramp up their customer acquisition base, building long-term lasting relationships between today and tomorrow’s successful companies. Both will have the chance to network with a star-studded list of local companies and listen to the likes of Entrepreneur Mark Walsh, Campus Direct CEO Devin Schain and OrderGroove Founder & CEO Greg Alvo talk about how startups and large companies can work together.

Large organizations and startups looking to join SwitchPitch should head to and select ” Large Companies” or reach out to Michael Goldstein at More information can be found on the SwitchPitch website and below:

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  • Large Corporations looking for a corporate partner to get their projects off the ground, cost efficiently and at lightning speed! Projects should preferably be budget-approved or early stage low-budget opportunities whereby a startup could start a project engagement with a large company. For example, build an intranet website, set up a social media marketing tool, structure a database, or build new mobile apps to increase engagement.
  • Startups looking to accelerate business development by viewing the needs of many big companies efficiently. Companies present their technology project needs to the startup community, both online through our project listings, and at live events!

What: SwitchPitch, where established companies can pitch their technology needs to DC area startups.

When: Thursday, March 27, 2014 || 1:30 pm

Where: The Mead Center for American Theater, home of Arena Stage || 1101 6th St SW, Washington, DC 20024

How: For $95/person startups can attend the event, listen to keynotes and corporate pitches, enjoying a networking Happy Hour and submit online proposals to the corporate project they most align with by using SwitchPitch’s proposal submission platform at

Presented by: Exhilarator

For Media Inquiries: Contact Alex Lyons (

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Get innovation done with the right startup partner

SwitchPitch is the ideal venue for a established companies to get their innovation projects off the ground by identifying high-quality outside startup resources perfectly suited to the project needs.

How it works:

  1. SwitchPitch Large Company partners are invited to present or “pitch” their innovation projects before a crowd of hundreds of high-quality startups at a SwitchPitch Event.
  2. Following the event, startups “bid” on the projects on SwitchPitch’s online submission platform, and SwitchPitch team members help to facilitate an efficient review of the bids and a seamless adoption of a startup partner for the project.
  3. Presenting companies use this platform to evaluate the best match for their project.

Using SwitchPitch to identify outside talent serves many corporate goals. Project execution is cost-effective and flexible without incremental full-time staff.  Large companies have opportunities to meet and engage with some of the most innovative people and companies in their communities, allowing for the possibility of long-term relationships. And employees of large companies are exposed to a different way of executing on goals from a startup partner’s perspective.

Please contact SwitchPitch for ideas of what kinds of projects work well in this unique new system.

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“What if you had the power to accept or deny a giant company’s business? This isn’t a dream. It’s the premise behind SwitchPitch, a two-year-old event series that asks major companies like IBM and HBO to run their technology needs by fast-growing and able-bodied startups.”
—  Inc. Magazine
“Overall the event was a smash hit, and will be a catalyst for some dynamic relationships and networks to start being built in the D.C. region.”
—  InTheCapital
“At this Sadie Hawkins dance for startups, HBO pitches you.”
—  Upstart Journal
“The evident popularity of the SwitchPitch — which featured truncated spiels from The Motley Fool, LivingSocial, Gannett and others — speaks to… one of the region’s most nagging problems: the gulf between the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.”
—  Washington Business Journal
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