11 SwitchPitch Projects Expiring August 8th

As a heads-up, there are 11 large-scale corporate innovation projects whose bidding deadlines are on August 8th. The majority of projects listed on our platform are currently Marketing projects, Data-intensive, and/or involve Mobile/Web Development.

Some of the projects on our platform expiring August 8th are:

* Leveraging Social Media by The Washiongton Redskins (Marketing)
* P2P Communications Prototype by HP (Mobile Dev)
* Content Aggregation Platform by Warner Brothers (Web Dev & Data-Intensive)
* Aircraft Design Game Simulation by Boeing (Game Dev)
* iOS Device Meter by comScore  (Mobile Dev)
* …and 6 more listed on our platform that can be seen by logging into your existing SwitchPitch account

To date, most projects listed on our platform still have fewer than 10 bids, which makes your odds pretty favorable considering these projects are typically $25k – $100k in scale and give way to creating longer-term corporate partnerships.

Sign in to SwitchPitch Connect now to check out available projects from all recent events, and watch their presentations. We don’t want you to miss out.

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